In addition to being pleasant, knowing how to cook makes it easier to take control of your eating habits, since you have control over what you eat.

Cooking also promises real moments of sharing. Several culinary programs have encouraged the craze for gastronomy that is manifested through cooking classes and other culinary workshops.

But some people, when faced with pots and pans, really feel like they’re stepping into it. Would you like to learn how to cook? It is not too late. Here are some tips to get started today.

Well equipped, we work better!

For each recipe, you prepare the necessary ingredients. By reading several component tables and especially by crossing them, you will notice that some come back almost systematically. This small batch of products is called “kitchen bottom”. You should make sure that these essentials are within reach, in your closets or in the fridge. Thus, running out of salt, pepper, eggs, flour, butter, sugar, milk or mustard is inconceivable.

If you are not used to using your kitchen, you will have to do some shopping because plates and a microwave are usually not enough to prepare interesting dishes. You must therefore bring kitchen utensils, which are essential to help you prepare properly.

On the equipment side, equip yourself with a “survival kit” made of a good knife, cutting board, balance, spatula, two stainless steel pots and a large non-stick pan.

Start with simple recipes

If you want to start cooking, it is best to avoid complex preparations. So as not to get discouraged, it is best to find easy recipes to better master the basics. Don’t worry, there are plenty of them you can pick on the internet to help you make great dinners with family or friends. Easy veal blanquette, salmon in papillote, or shrimp in curry, you can do a lot of things without spending hours in the kitchen.

Learning by observing

It is now possible to learn to cook alone from home using your computer. To help you sort through all this offer of logistical support dedicated to beginners in the kitchen, several websites offer a non-exhaustive list of platforms that will help you progress. Who knows, maybe by getting your hands dirty, you’ll one day be a successful chef!

Controlling cooking

Choose healthy cooking, which takes less time and preserves nutrients in the ingredients you use. First, of course, there is steaming. It is ideal especially to preserve a large part of the nutrients but also beautiful colors. The oven is also an ally for all home cooks. For fish and meat, the papillote is a great idea. You can do wonders with this technique, which not only preserves nutrients in your dishes, but also enhances taste more easily by using as little oil as possible.

Reduce portions, a smart tip

Forget about these large dishes that take up all the space on the table and offer yourself beautiful small plates that will allow you to enjoy your recipes to the full, without eating too much. The smaller the portions, the better you master cooking and seasoning. For tastier dishes, cook in small quantities.

Now, all you have to do is get started. With practice, you will learn not only to cook without looking at the recipe, but also to invent by adapting simple recipes to your tastes and desires.

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